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Formula-412 is the fantastic new method for winning thousands of dollars from any form of wagering.  This is the INCREDIBLE “412-method”... the one that everyone’s been talking about!

Imagine knowing exactly when a certain horse or dog will win?  Imagine knowing exactly when the dice will turn hot or cold... or when the dealer at Blackjack will start to lose?  Or how about Roulette... would you like to know when a certain number or group of numbers will start to show?  Take Keno... would you like to know exactly which game certain numbers will start to appear?  Would you like to know which slot machine is getting ready to start paying out, and even how much?  What’s the best number(s) to play for the state lottery... Formula-412 can tell you!  Can you imagine the advantage you would have?  Hundreds of thousands of dollars... in profits would be EASY to make!  Well guess what...  A FEW PEOPLE ARE DOING ...



Forget everything you’ve ever heard about numbers, “Formula-412” is about to rewrite all the theories and ideas that go back 100 years... and replace them with the most INCREDIBLE discovery ever made: Numbered-Sequence-Patterns

In any sequence of numbers... random or not, predictable patterns occur in regular intervals... over and over! All numbered occurrences, no mater what they are, occur in cycles based on their history!

When you know this history and what to expect... there is NO LIMIT to the profits possible in any game you choose!  Like the four (4) men who hit eleven

$10,000 slot-machine jackpots in four days reportedly using just Formula-412!  Or the two (2) horse-players who hit 72 win bets-out of 91... playing the race book in Las Vegas , for a total profit of over $21,000!!!  One craps play took out almost $136,000 from a single table after 13 straight hours of play using Formula-412!  THE LIST JUST KEEPS GOING ON!!!

“Once You Know The Patterns of Numbered Sequences... and the “Indicators” That Precede Them... Any Form of Wagering From State Lotteries To
 Horse Racing... Including ALL Casino Games, Can Be Beaten!!! ”



Predict winning Horses and Dogs... without every looking at the past performances! 
(6 to 7 potential winning races a day!)


Predict upcoming rolls of the Dice at casino craps... time and time again, like you’re seeing the future! (win up to $1,000 per hour!)


Predict Blackjack results... without counting or tracking cards... Baccarat too! (practically 65% to 72% winning hands!)


Predict “group” numbers at Roulette and Keno... even Slot Machine $$ cycles virtually
80% of the time!)

“No Results... based on any numbered sequence is totally random or unpredictable”

The belief for many years, was that any short term random, or complete random-set of results was basically unpredictable, because each result was independant  of the ones before it.  This belief has been challenged by new edivance based on computer-generated play models, which show, without a doubt... that all dramatic changes in any number sequence is preceded by very clear and definative signals, “Formula-412” identifies these signals!

These “Signals” are distinct “patterns of occurrence” that can be easily seen by anyone who knows what to look for!  Each signal-pattern gives a clue as to what can occur over a certain span of upcoming results.  These are not the same old tried and failed methods of the past.  These have nothing to do with the old, “win two-lose one” type theories of the past.  Many are so sophisticated, it has taken several million computer generated results, just to uncover the signal-pattern!  But these patterns have an INCREDIBLE potential to make hundreds of thousands of dollars!

No matter what you’ve been told before...  WHAT HAD BEEN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT TO BE PURELY RANDOM RESULTS ARE NOT RANDOM!  If they were, you would see many different things happen!  Like the favorite at the race track win (or lose) 50 times in a row as often as anything else.  You’d see 100 passes at the dice table, or 25 red or black come up consecutively in Roulette, as a common occurrence.  All these things would happen as often as all other results.  Imagine the same Keno numbers selected, five or ten games in a row... and slot machines that pay off in every spin, or not at all for years at a time.  It’s not like that, is it?  There are rules to results, even if not clearly defined.  Results for anything, do not occur in a completely unpredictable way... do they?

Think about it for a minute, you’ve actually thought about this yourself, perhaps without even realizing it!  You know, when you see favorite after favorite... race after race, win at the race track... you KNOW it won’t continue!  And you know this ahead of time... don’t you!  When you win seven or eight hands in a row at Blackjack, you KNOW it won’t go on, don’t you!  When you see someone make 10 or 15 passes in a row at the dice table... you KNOW what’s coming up, you KNOW it won’t last!  It’s just like when the Stock Market just keeps getting higher and higher, you KNOW will eventually correct itself, even if it goes higher afterward, you know it just won’t keep going up forever.

You know all these things, because you’ve probably seen it before.  In short you are making the prediction yourself based on your prior knowledge of the history of that particular game.  No matter what any math expert tells you about prior results not affecting future results... you know when all these things happen, that a change is coming... you know this!  Well, guess what... You are already applying these principles!   All these things you practically know will happen are predictions.  You are using these patterns to

help you make these predictions.  Now, imagine fine tuning this process to a point where you know exactly when the changes will occur? Imagine knowing what each specific pattern results means for everything from Lotteries to Slot machines... from Horse Racing to Keno... to Craps, Blackjack and Roulette...  You can know it all, WHEN CHANGES ARE COMING.. AHEAD OF TIME!!!  Can you imagine the profits possible... the incredible amounts of money you can win when you KNOW a change is coming?  This is what “Formula-412” is about...  IT SHOWS YOU WHAT THE CORRECT PATTERN LOOKS LIKE... AHEAD OF TIME... SO YOU CAN CASH IN ON THE CHANGE THAT’S COMING!!!

Imagine, what it would be like if you could ...

To be able to go to any race track, race book or OTB Parlor... and know what’s going to happen... AHEAD OF TIME!  You’ll know which horses or dogs are likely to win, which exotic wagers to play... You’ll know it all!  Do you really believe... after all this time... after all your own experiences... after all the frustrations... after everything you’ve seen at the races... that the past record of any horse or dog really has any consistent value in predicting future winners?  Forget what the experts tell you... they want you to believe that handicapping, selection systems and 900 call-in numbers is the only way to go!  But, what have your own personal experiences with this stuff done for you... be honest with yourself!  The real truth is very simple... you can’t win unless you realize, that any game involving numbers, is ruled by numbers, not some obscure notion of condition or ability based on things that occurred days, weeks or even months ago!  Instead of trying to use second hand information based on someone else’s observations... use something totally different from anything you’ve ever seen before.  Formula-412 is not just an idea... it’s a road-map, showing you the way the results will go for a given series.  Not just which horse or dog will win the next race... but a look into the future... so you’ll know what’s going to happen several races in advance... for thousands of dollars in winnings each day!  Others are doing it right now...  you can do it to!

To walk into a casino, and know in advance that you’ll win! When you enter a casino now, you feel a sense of hope and fear... don’t you?  You believe that luck rules the outcome... don’t you?  You’re supposed to be in the casino for fun, to have a good time, but you’re probably scared also.  You really want to win, but you know it probably won’t happen!  You wish for a good run of luck, but most of the time you know it just won’t be enough... don’t you?  Have you ever wondered why so many people know in advance they will probably lose?  Because they expect it!  They expect to lose because they have lost so many times before.  But, although most people END a loser, many times during the course of play... they’re winning!  Imagine this... knowing in advance when those times will occur, when you will win... and then knowing in advance, when things will turn against you... so you’ll know when to walk away, or play the other side!  Sound incredible?  Formula-412 can make you into a casino winner!  You’ll practically know when the dealer at Blackjack will start to bust, or if they’re going to continue with a good run... You’ll practically know when the dice will go right, or wrong... and you’ll practically know when, for the most FANTASTIC profits imaginable!  How about this... knowing when a certain group of numbers of single numbers will show at Roulette... or how about which numbers at Keno will begin to show, for which games... AND FOR HOW LONG!  Do you think you could make money if you knew which slot machines are ready to start paying out the big jackpots... not just return a few coins here and there... BUT PAYING OUT THE LARGEST JACKPOTS THE MACHINE HAS TO OFFER!  Once again... Formula-412 can do all this... has done it and is doing it now!  Do YOU want to be a part of it?

FREE BONUS GIFT FOR YOU: Imagine once more what it would be like to pick the top and bottom price of any Stock, Bond or Commodity?  Think your account could grow if you knew how to do this?  Formula-412 may help you do it! Would you like to know, how long an up-trend will continue... or a down-trend?  Formula-412 may do that also! Financial markets are numbers, they move in number cycles, the react against other numbers.   Even though news can move the markets, by the time you see that news, it’s often already been factored in! Anything you’ve heard, everyone else has heard also, and probably before you!  You want to know what’s going to happen...  it’s in the numbers... and Formula-412 can help show you what the numbers look like... AHEAD OF TIME!!!

Forget What You’ve Been Told Before About Random Numbers... It’s Not Correct!

Just As Everyone Once Thought, Beyond A Doubt... The World Was Flat...

THEY ARE WRONG ABOUT THIS... Formula-412 is the Correction to Years of

Theories That Never Explained The Things That Occur In All Games of Chance!!!



Does This Happen To You?


Horse Racing...

Text Box:  Certain horses and dogs win.. and lose.. why?  Have you wondered how results at horse racing occur?  The experts will tell you that it depends on the past record of the horse or dog, the track, the weather... the animal’s condition or a hundred other factors.  But, that can’t be true can it?  How many times have you seen things at the track that defy logic?  Horse’s winning and losing... regardless of their past performances.  Things that seem to occur for no rhyme or reason.  You know what I’m talking about... and no matter what anyone tells you... there’s no way all the strange things that occur at the track, can be explained by simply saying... “oh, that’s just racing!”  You know what I mean!  If you’ve spent even one day at the horse or dog track... you know by now...  THERE’S MORE TO RACING THAN WHAT YOU’VE BEEN TOLD!!! And you’re right!  For example, you see five favorites win in a row, but even though the favorites in the next few races look better than the ones that just won... they lose by a country mile!  Or... you see a horse you like.  It has the best figures.  It’s in the best condition, all the expects like it too, but guess what... it loses to a horse with the worst figures, looks like it’s about to fall over, and nobody liked it at all!  This doesn’t just happen once in a while does it... it happens over and over again!  And even though all the experts, with their 200 page books, 900 numbers, and “expert” handicapping advice, tell you, that in racing, things sometimes happen... you know better don’t you?  No matter what they all say... you know something else seems to be in charge... don’t you?  It all boils down to numbers!  Horse and dog racing are numbers. The whole game is based on numbers... But, numbers have signals, waves and even patterns that can signal changes.

Any action in life based either directly or indirectly on numbers... is subject to the laws of numbers... and “Formula-412” can predict upcoming changes in the flow of those numbers!  

What does this mean to you?  Incredible profit potential at all forms of racing!  You’ll know when the favorite is a good or bad bet, regardless of how many favorites have won before!  You’ll know when a long-shot has up to a 93% chance to win the next race, and you’ll know which longshot!  You’ll know the two horses with an almost 100% chance of finishing one & two for Exactas.    Or how about the Pick-Six.  How would you like to use only twelve (12) horses total, and still hit at least one-third of the time?  If all this sounds almost too good to be true, you’re right... but that’s what is practically happening right now with those who are using the INCREDIBLE... Formula-412!  Thousands of dollars are being won... by a handful of people using the fantastic... Formula-412!

Casino Wagering...

Text Box:

Has often turned into a losing venture for most people... why?  If you’ve ever played in a casino you know the unexplained things that can happen... regardless of what the percentages say.  The experts tell you that past results have no bearing on future results... but why is it so hard to win five or six hands in a row... or even three in a row?  The experts tell you.. when you play the best bet at the dice table, you are only at a one or two percent disadvantage... but if this is true, then ....            



“Then, Why Does It Happen?”  


Why is it so easy to lose your money in the casino - and so often?  Forget what you’re told... you’ve seen these things yourself, haven’t you?  Casino games do not specifically follow the strict “so called” percentages.  They follow, what we call a “flow pattern”...  If you know what it looks like, and with Formula-412 you will learn... you can win up to $500 per hour...  It’s the same for the slot machines and even Keno!

But guess what, there’s a pattern to watch for that is so powerful, you can win $1,000 per hour... even more... when the machine settles into it... and... Formula-412 will show you!   You think Keno is game based on total luck?  Wrong!  There are three patterns to look for that can win you a fortune so fast, you’ll bored from winning!  These patterns are simple to see... and there’s no limit to the thousands of $$$ you can win!

All these casino games, are based in whole part on numbers, the flow of numbers and the patterns that signal changes!  Once you know the patterns, you’ll practically know what those changes will be... it’s that simple!  Can you imagine the profits awaiting you when you know the patterns for virtually any change in numbered results?  ALL FOR TENS OF THOUSANDS IN PROFITS with the INCREDIBLE.. Formula-412... you’ll be in charge of how much you decide you’d like to win each day ! When you walk into a casino... you won’t feel scared of losing all your money... instead you can now feel completely confident that you know exactly what to look for!  It will no longer be a question of how much can you afford to lose... your problem will be HOW MUCH DO I FEEL LIKE WINNING TODAY!

FREE BONUS: Formula-412 for Stocks, Bonds & Commodities

If I receive your order in the next 7 days, I will include (at NO additional cost) Formula-412 for Stocks, Bonds & Commodities.  Did you know that many people believe the forces that drive different markets are a complete mystery, which only those on the inside have solved?  The truth is... the world financial scene operates more like a huge casino or race track than anything else!  Once, financial markets start to move, raw numbered patterns can dictate the direction they will continue.   Formula-412 is INCREDIBLE for helping to predict the flow of markets, and more important, signaling the start and end of a trend - or identifying a trend reversal!



It’s the same story... over and over again... Formula-412 turning losers into winners, in anything from Horse Racing to Commodity trading!  Tens of thousands of dollars being made right now... by those in the know... those who have Formula-412 !!!

It doesn’t matter what your experience is... beginner or expert... whatever the game, Formula-412 will virtually hand you the most INCREDIBLE profits you’ve ever seen! All the mysteries of numbers are now practically solved with Formula-412!



Many of those who are using Formula-412 actually admit, they were so successful using it... in the beginning they had problems handling their new found wealth, because according to them... “It all happened so fast it made their heads spin...”!  Wouldn’t you like that kind of problem?! ...

“Don’t You Think It’s About Time For YOU To Win?”

Think about it... all the years you fed someone else the money you list, at the track, the casino, etc., etc... but guess what... now it’s your turn to let it flow the other way for a change!  The one important fact that you should know about Formula-412 is what it can do for you!   You now have an opportunity to experience the incredible feeling of being right!  What do I by, “being right”?  To finally make a wager on a horse or dog race, and know in advance... you have an overwhelming chance to win a large amount of money... To walk into a casino and know exactly what you’re going to do, and then walk out with whatever amount of cash you can carry, from virtually any game you wish...  Being right also means, not being wrong!  Formula-412 can make losing, something that happens to someone else.  All these things I’m telling you Formula-412 can do for you... are not just empty words...  AND WE BACK UP EVERYTHING WE’VE SAID WITH OUR 60-DAY MONEY BACK COMPLETE WINTRACK GUARANTEE...

“What’s The Price?”

The complete price for “Formula-412” is only... $60, plus 10% of whatever you win using Formula-412 for the next 60 days!  Fair enough?  You are only required to pay from the profits of “Formula-412”.  It must make money for you or you owe us nothing.  We are not afraid to trust you, since to date, practically 100% of everyone who has used “Formula-412” has sent at least 10% of their earnings... with almost half sending 50% or more in gratitude!  That’s how happy all the users of “Formula-412” have been!  We are confident that you will keep your part of the agreement.  “Formula-412” makes money for you or you owe us nothing...  AND THE GUARANTEE ABOUT ASSURES YOU THAT FORMULA-412 IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE METHOD FOR WAGERING AT THE TRACK OR CASINO EVER DEVELOPED!

“This Offer Is Not Unlimited!”

In a very short while, “Formula-412” may be withdrawn from the public and be sold in seminars strictly by invitation only, the anticipated price... $2,500.00!  This is the exact same book we are offering you right now for only $60 down!  Unless you receive an invitation later... this may be the ONLY opportunity you will have to get a copy of “Formula-412” at ANY price!  You must act now!  Fill out the coupon below and return it with your payment in the next 7 days, and receive your FREE Bonus included: “Formula-412 for Stocks, Bonds & Commodities”.  Please hurry... when our current supply of books is sold out, we cannot order any more!